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Aloha ʻOhana!

Last year, a small kokua staff and a few parents accompanied, a group of EPOCC Junior paddlers who competed in the 2014 Queen Liliʻuokalani Long Distance Canoe races in Kona.
Upon our arrival in Hilo, we ventured up the Hāmākua coast to Umikoa Village. There, we toured the majestic hills where we took part of the Forest Restoration Initiative of koa trees with Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods, who heads this kuleana. We each chose and planted our very own young koa tree. Our time spent at Umikoa and HLH was truly memorable. It is an experience we encourage everyone to take at least once.
And now after years of collaboration with some of EPOCC board members and chairpersons, we are so honored and excited to share the GREAT NEWS! As a non-profit organization, EPOCC is an official LEGACY PARTNER of HLH. This means that we have the honor to be part of this kuleana. We have the opportunity to share this with our community and the world! Each purchase of a young koa tree will contribute to our ʻāina, and to our ecosystem. Two vital components that allows us to enjoy our lives through paddling:-).
The first link below will take you to the website of Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods where you can learn more about their mission. The second link will take you to EPOCCʻs Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods site where you can purchase a young koa tree, honor a friend or loved one, and receive a GPS coordinate so you can locate your treeʻs placement through Google Earth. The cost is $60, and HLH will honor a donation of $20 to EPOCC.
Please continue to visit us here and on facebook for upcoming events where we will be sharing Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods and restoring our koa forest!

HLH: http://www.legacytrees.org/
EPOCC: http://www.legacytrees.org/epocanoeclub.html

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